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Ouachita National Forest Panning

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13 counties, AR

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Arkansas Member

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This was just a test run. After being told by many that there is no gold in Arkansas, I was hesitant to check this out. There are many creeks streaming from the Mount Magazine State Park area. The key is to work them between the source and the lake that they run into. Arkansas loves lakes and makes them for every water source. Mount Magazine is the highest mountain in the state and covers a lot of ground. Gutter Rock Creek is the one I tested... With some results... After clean up, found that most of what I had was pyrite. Had 3 small nuggets (12-16) and some tiny ones... some very small. The tiny ones are still in the bottle and can be seen when the picture is enlarged. Just from two test holes...


Bedrock everywhere

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Tim Leibel
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All the streams and creek beds have plenty of exposed bedrock. It was fixing to snow today and I didn’t climb in the water. Access is easy, if you are in the area it would be worth spending some time there.


So many low presure drop zones

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Timothy Schnedler
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Made it their this weekend, I did several test pans found a spot that was giving about 3 to 5 micro dot sized gold per pan, setup with a 1/8 inch screen on top of my bucket, and used a shovel to get about 1/4 of a bucket full of screened dirt, Water was high so I took the Y in the road at the low water bridge and pulled over there. here is the location I was at I will update results end of the week when I have time to process the bucket of dirt. Digging is not easy here, and a lot of fake bed rock bottoms just turn out to be larger rock that you need to remove.


Gold Found

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Timothy Schnedler
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Found a little bit of gold, did not prospect much, but filled a quarter bucket with pay using a 1/8 inch screen, Digging here is Hard work attached photos below one is close up picture Do need to go back and prospect a bit more see if I could find some bigger flakes or even a larger amount of fine gold


Test , test, test sight

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Doug McCaa
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The creeks by the first and second bridge goes for over 5 miles to Mt. MAGAZINE by one guys report need to go 3/4 mile and start panning. Main creek runs fast. Upper Robert Hill Rd. Take 4/4. Has ruts and two creeks before deadend at a old dismantaled bridge. Three creek hit their. But running fast. Heres pictures