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Lynx Creek Gold Panning area Day use

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Yavapai, AZ

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Prescott Forest Gold Panning & Detecting Rules

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Only pans, picks, shovels, and classifying screens are permitted. Of course, the buckets are Okay. The Rangers know all the hideouts and are quick to introduce themselves with a ticket book for violations. Hand dredges, sluices, spiral wheels, Aussie rotapans, and other "mechanical" devices are a big "No-No."
Folks do find fines, small pickers, and small nuggets with patience and practice. Below Lynx Lake, the tributaries and geology allow for alluvial deposits. For newbies and families, this FREE location with access to the Lake's cafe, store, an facilities farther down Walker Road a short distance, is a great daytime source. The elevation is 5400 feet so bring appropriate rain, chilling weather clothing, and decent footwear.
I'll include the URL to their Rules Page


Finding "Fines" is better than nothing

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Found a good amount of Fine golds today! The water level was a lot lower than it was three weeks ago. The first two times I came to Lynx Creek I barely saw a flake but after learning where gold goes, I figured out that you have to look for wide openings in the creek where the water slows down. Where the creek elbows look for drops in elevation where gold can get stuck in the riffles of bed rock or underneath large boulders.


A nice outing

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Guy Letourneau
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Was out there for about an hour just to practice more with my detector. Found many bits of broken spring coils and other iron objects. One other family was working the last pools of watre in the creek and getting only sand-grain sized particles. I brought home 4 "hot"-ish fingernail-size clay or caliche chunks which I will crack open at home. BUT, the place was worked over HARD with lots of unfilled diggings in the creek beds, plus cairns, and even bits of flagging tape left by others.
EZ car access, cool and shady spot for the rest of the family to relax.


Cold morning

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Dwight Wooton
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A cold 30 degree February morning pays off. After digging deep behind some large rocks near the waters edge second pan produced 2 really nice pickers. Looking forward to returning in the near future.


fun and sun

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mostly old dredge tailings. some gold but very little. good place if you just want to see a couple flakes or practice panning.