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Andy Shaules
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Road is rough. High clearance required.
Spent several hours sampling morse creek from the bottom of the claim up to the campgrounds. I hiked up the entire ravine from two claims down stream. I can confirm lulu bell is way off the marker.

Checking for flood gold and classic placer deposits, there is none. Classifying buckets and sluicing is a no-go. The creek is full of landslide material.

High banking might be a thing but packing in would be tough. Along the entire course are multiple benches and old routes.

Dredgers dream! There is a ton of exposed bedrock. I can only imagine there is a lot of gold on the bedrock. But again, packing into the untouched areas would be incredibly difficult.

The old diggins above the camping area is unbelievable! It must be the size of a football field. Exploring the area you can see the pipes they re-routed the small stream with. Some serious mining is still going on up there on the next claim up the hill. In the tributary to morse creek those miners are dredging giant holes in the creek all the way up the hillside, so they must be getting good gold.

I would love to add photos of the bedrock, old diggins, and water pipes but the picture size limit is just a tad too small for my camera shots.


report by member

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found fines


Claim confusion.

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Robbie Fitzgerald
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So the claim is surrounded by many other claims. One of the problems is the LuluBell1 claim has markers well inside the Hard Wages claim. I have GPS'd hard wages and am confident on its borders. I will post the links and photos to help clear up the situation.
Here is a link to the Hard wages claim

And here is Lulubell 1 claim
Hope this helps..


Hard wages lived up to the name

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Daniel Cooper
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Found some fines beautiful place to spend the day


Hard Wages Claim - Morse Creek

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Stephen Kirschman
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There were obvious signs the creek has been worked. Our pan sampling did not reveal any color and very little black sand. The terrain upstream and downstream makes it difficult to access the creek.