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Spring on Easy Money

11 0
Nathan Brindza
Step 1 of 1

THINK I was on the claim as I was unable to find the markers for Easy Money. There are currently three other active claims on Money Creek (Money, East Fortune and West Fortune) and I found the Markers for Money and East Fortune just not Easy Money.

Water is still up a bit this time of year though lower than it was earlier in the spring. Prospected around with the pan on Saturday morning (5/16) before the kids and wife were up. Came up empty for most of the morning being stuck high up the score zone but found some decent fine color in a recent gravel and sand bar from this winter's flood (six specs in first pan and 4 in the next).

I'm happy to maintain markers up here if it would help the association and chapter in the area. I have a cabin in Money Creek Park near the start of Money Creek road and am in the area nearly every weekend. Just give me a shout if you have any questions about the area. I'm new to the prospecting thing but really enjoy the Money Creek drainage for everything it has to offer from prospecting to the hiking and fishing and great mining history.


Easy Money shows promise

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Bob Mannelin
Step 1 of 2

Great drive, good roads 50 minutes out of Monroe Washington. Money Creek Road takes you right to the claim although it's a steep climb down to the water, 50' - 100' almost straight down. The best way I found to the water is right at the north end. The claim's north end is very close to the 1 mile marker on Money Creek Rd. I couldn't find any Easy Money claim markers but the claims at both ends are marked.

I ran 2 buckets through my sluice box and found 4 small color and about 1/2 cup of black sand. Not a lot of gold but promising because the material I ran was just from a sand bar at the waterline.


Today’s easy money was more high water than money

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Kyle Cox
Step 1 of 1

Went in fallowing the directions no problem finding center of the claim some of the markers have been removed by claims on each end I’m guessing . Snow melt prevented getting to the good spots but once you get to the water you can see places once the level drops that look promising! Did find color in first pan and garnets in the fallowing so haven’t lost hope I plan on going back when the Everett chapter goes later this month be advised the bank down from the road has very step drops recommend using a knotted rope ! And did see fresh bear and cat sign be prepared. The usfs campground money creek is open and rates are reasonable


Update Kevin-IMC84120 Shoshone County Idaho

7 2
jon greenway
Step 1 of 1

This place was a tough go. The directions were good right up to the left at Eagle creek. There you have 2 choices. Stay right which is the lower road NSF152 unfortunately it comes to an abrupt end 2.1 miles from the main road. Blocked off intentionally 8 miles short. The first thing you see is a sign saying no prospecting, "Bismark Claim" which was well flagged. At this point I was unprepared. Once you leave the I-90 corridor about 10 mins after, no more smart phone help unless you download maps prior. or GPS works good for position. It was clear I needed more info, so I bailed and came home. Later I looked up this area with google earth looking for another way. I found NSF 2349, turn right here, 25 miles Or so later you come to NSF 1551 go left here and down. Signage is missing on some roads, vandalism. I took a few leaps of faith. The missing signs were either NSF 152 or NSF 1551 which is a loop rd of sorts. So NSF 1551 going down puts you on Casper creek, just below the confluence of Tributary creek. First thing I Saw there was another "no prospecting sign" But your in the area, the going is tough. You can see the old road, walking the creek bed is dangerous, I was alone, so I was super careful.

My overall opinions on this journey of discovery, are Leave nothing to chance, make sure your tires are in excellent shape, have a spare and a can of fixaflat, the farther in you go the sharper the rocks on the road are, 4x4s, fill your gas tank in Pritchard. Have alternate communication tools along with a loud side arm. "Cougars" I had 4 dogs with me so I didn't see any. Took some samples here and there, but never made it to the claim. This claim is remote is almost an understatement.


Spring on Easy Money day 2

5 0
Nathan Brindza
Step 1 of 1

See my first report for the first day with my pan exploration.

Came back on Sunday afternoon (5/17) with the wife and kids and small sluice to work a bit of the gravel and sand bar behind a large root-ball and log I found. Tough hike in with my special needs child with limited mobility but he made it down the steep bank with help and fell in love with throwing rocks from the sandbar.

I ran about a 5 gallon bucket of 1/4" minus classified material in our short stay (kids got cold when it started raining). Haven't completely cleaned the cons as the flood gold I saw in my pan on Saturday was VERY fine meaning Miller Table time. That said when I cleaned the blondes off the concentrates I took a quick look at the black sands - easily got 20 or so specs to separate at the top with just a minute or two of tap and wash. Looking forward to the full cleanup of my couple cups of black sand to see what comes out!