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# 1 King

39 1
James Allison
Step 1 of 1

Claim is dug pretty hard, last three trips did get some pretty good gold. Fines and a couple small pickers. Easy access with two wheel drive with some clearance. Look in the pack clay for the bigger stuff.



31 1
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Dig down to hard pan. Sometimes shallow and sometimes a couple feet deep. Little nuggets and coarse with fines. Bring a vac to really benefit from all your work. Beautiful country but beware of jumping cactus. A drywasher and recirculating highbanker and a gold detector to check your tailings and digging hole would also be helpful.


4 Days dry washing at King's 1

27 0
Edward Balulis
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At King's 1- took 1 day to test pan about 18/20 spots, found 1 where granite bed rock came together with the red sand stone and a good layer of old river gravel, on the N.W corner of the claim, ran 4 test pans had 7 course and about 17 fines. So set up and dug in staying on the fault of the hard granite with a layer of gravel and sand stone, In the next 3 days out. we ran through my dry washer 47 buckets. Found 1 small nugget, 3 pickers and a total of 2.3 grams of flakes. yes there is still gold out there but it's not going to be easy. See photo of 1 days clean up, Main thing is we had a great time working it in the Arizona outdoors. Hope this helps you. Thanks GPAA for providing a place to go.


#1 King

23 0
John Watkins
Step 1 of 2

Used vacuum in the wash for fines. Lots exposed bedrock in this area with easy access. Little over a full bucket and got 12+ pcs, see pics.


Golden Dreams Claim

22 0
James Allison
Step 1 of 1

This claim sees a lot of use for club outings, still finding decent gold on this claim just have to get away from where the outings take place, try the west end, 4x4 or utv required for access to that end. I usually dig it down to bedrock and vac it from there, more fines than pickers but there there if your persistent. Please remember to fill your holes.