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Successful first time prospecting

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Fred Cline
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Take all this with a grain of salt. We are total greenhorns. My wife and I prospected the Husker claim on June 26, 2019. This was our first time prospecting. We were able to easily find the claim using the directions from the directory. Parking was convenient. We just parked in the trail head parking lot. The claim was easily accessed by walking down the road until it crossed the creek then walking upstream. We mostly prospected soils from under big rocks and on the banks of sandbars created below rapids. The creek was flowing pretty hard due to recent rains, but was not too deep to walk across with normal hiking boots. It was obvious this claim gets a lot of visitors. We had it to ourselves the day we visited, but you can see lots of signs of digging around the stream and up on the banks. We did find gold specks, but not a huge number of them. However, we were glad to find some gold in our pans! I am sure a seasoned prospector would have found much more gold than we did, but we achieved our objective of having a really fun day and finding at least some gold. I counted this day as a big win.


Easy to find, good gold

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Matt Herrbold
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Visited the claim on Thanksgiving, spent 6 hours or so digging at the clay/gravel layer right above the bedrock. Have consistently found 5-10 colors per pan, very small flour gold, as well as 5-6 small flakes, overall. Not much weight, but for my first time "in the wild" I am thrilled to have recovered anything! Day ended with what sounded like WW3 starting up on the ridge, 4 guys with AR-15's spending a lot of money on ammo shooting at the opposite gulch wall. We were never in danger, but a little disconcerting all the same. Very easy to locate claim.



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I always find gold here using a recirculator. Very rocky and most of the time no water.


GPAA member caught dredging

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Aaron Woodward
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I've been hanging out at this claim a few days now and found a fella using a gas motorized dredge. Needless to say he was called in and ticketed by Forest Service for dredging with no permit/plan of operation. The man did say he is a GPAA member as well. Local license plates on his 1970's-1980's Chevy pickup which he parked right up in the creek. (Good amount of water right now) Truck was a faded copper/gold in color, standard cab, pretty simple old truck. If he's doing it here, he's doing it elsewhere.

Other than that, I've been panning around test spots high and low. Small flake in just about every pan from the creek, banks, or way up high.


Husker #1

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I heard you are not even allowed to use a number two shovel to dig with. Only a trowel. Only allowed to hand pan or use a recirculator unit. Think you can metal detect also but not sure. I wish there were a state director so we could bounce questions off of.