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Golden Cat — 2x4

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Benjamin Brady
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GPS coordinations wrong. Mistyped in member claim guide. Shows 30 miles further past topo map area.
Topo map is correct.
Follow google map directions to Brice creek road.
From Cottage Grove pass through Dorena and small hick backwoods Disston. Continue on Brice creek as directed into the backwoods. Finally come to y road next to National Forest outhouse. This is Champion creek road and Brice creek road intersection.
To the right Champion creek
To the left NF-22 National Forest rd-22
Look at topo map. This is the claim.
Will run a sluice tomorrow. Hoping for color.


golden cat — 2x4

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golden cat is just beyond golden brice about 150 yards its at the mouth of champion creek. i dug 5 holes and all had little black sand and no gold. not even a speck. a lot of loose gravel on bottom which means its been well mined out.


my time on golden cat — 2x4

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leon thomas
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lots of sand and small gravel lots of black sand and some small gold lots of new wash coming down from the high mountains gold is flour fine and deep but lots of fun to dig would rate this claim 8 outa ten had a great time with Kevin h. would recommend trying it to all


Tent city — 2x4

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John Wergin
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I tried going to this claim for a week straight when I was camped out nearby.
The entire parking area was full of long term tent campers and busted vehicles. Had to park about a mile west on NF-22 because there are no trespassing signs everywhere. Bring a trash bag for all the garbage left behind... Mile marker 19 had a nice pull off area where somebody built a small rock dam for a sluse?