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Bedrock Paridise

20 0
Michael Carlucci
Step 1 of 1

Another good day on the claim. Moving around different spots and finding more deposits of flood gold. The claim is very rich in flood gold as I can see. Still trying to search all the areas but only half way in and still unable to cross to other side. Great place to visit even if just for the beauty. The water now is way to cold to even try and the road in is still rough but people do it every day. We will just keep the hunt on and keep you posted as we go. The Illinois River is known for big gold.


Bedrock Paridise

14 0
Michael Carlucci
Step 1 of 1

The river is still flowing pretty good but still lots of places to work. Brought all my crevice tools and a pan. Took test pans all over the claim and found a couple good spots. Lots of nice pans! Still learning to follow the gold, so as I go I'll keep you updated. Stopped in at Armadillo Mining in Grants Pass and got a couple things. Great People and good deals.


Bedrock Paridise

13 0
Michael Carlucci
Step 1 of 1

Easy to find outside of Selma, Oregon. The road in is high up from the river but drops pretty fast. I would not try to get to this claim in a car or suv. We didn't need 4x4 but needed the clearance a couple places. Mostly from deep pockets of water. Seen a couple loggers but nobody else working. Lots of bedrock on the claim, I mean lots of places for gold to hide. The river was high now so we were unable to access the other side. All in all, a good claim. Bring your snipping tools because lots of places to work. Didn't find any color but I'm new to a river this big and blew alomost every pan out. Will be going back soon to clean the bedrock.


color is here if you work for it!

6 0
Michael Cox
Step 1 of 1

a lot of crevices to work, found color in every pan but have to look at the unobvious places. a lot of flower gold and 1 picker