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Michael Zilkoski
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As the registered owner of my Oregon Placer Gold Claims in Douglas County, ORMC #167436 He Comes On A White Horse & ORMC #167616 I am done with those of you who have verbally threatened both myself and my team consisting of Cary Evans, Karl Prefontaine & Richard Snow who have been prospecting and cleaning up my desecrated claims by members who have the misconceived belief that my claims are owned by the GPAA. They are not. I opened my claims up with mutual cooperation with the GPAA organization under the Share A Claim program to allow members to come down and search for gold. Your allowance on my claims is a privilege and not a right. Because of low life GPAA members vandalizing my claims and stealing my teams mining equipment, metal detectors and tents I have installed Cary Evans as my on site security manager. Also, because you members feel you can disrespect, slander & defame me and my team, you will be required to sign in a log book on what claim you choose to seek gold on to insure that if any equipment is stolen or the claims vandalized the Douglas County Sheriff's Office & BLM Law Enforcement will know who to contact. My claims are open to those who wish to seek placer gold in a law abiding way that respects every one. Those who seek to solely use my claims for nude swimming, drinking beer & alcohol, trashing the property and creek, and threatening bodily harm are asked to refrain from coming to the claims. Kevin Hoagland the Executive Director of Development at GPAA and myself have worked to post a sign that all GPAA members & non-members must abide by if you visit my claims. Both Scott Duncan & Nathan Raber will not be allowed to continue to slander, defame and maliciously attack me and my team, Law Enforcement have been notified & legal action is being pursued.


white horse

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Allan Bennett
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Sharpie wore off hard to read claim markers creek too high


Camp Photo Shot from Road

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The river ran wild. Now easy to work and walk in. Behind the RV


Few little specks

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Stopped by on my way back from Italian Bar for a day. Easy access, close to I-5, nice camping area. Saw evidence of substantial flooding. Worked a few areas, found a few flakes, need to spend more time sampling, maybe high banking.


Action Needed

9 2
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First trip out in 9 months and find the claim occupied by what I'll call "non recreational campers". The road down was roped off to prevent access to the claim, and signs posted on the tree saying "smile, you're on camera". This use to be one of our favorite spots to camp with the kids, but seems as of late that the whole area along White Horse Creek is being over run with people who aren't there for the scenery. I wish someone would do something about it. It's this kind of activity that closes these places off to those who truly do enjoy them, it really is a great spot. If you do make the trip up, I highly recommend a sidearm.

*Update: filed complaint with Douglas County Sherriff's Office. 5/22/21

*Update: one arrested at homeless encampment upstream from claim and abandoned RV at bridge is supposedly being removed at some point. Apologies to the club members who were at the claim, however, blocking access and posting surveillance signs wasn't something I'm accustom to seeing from club members. My first thought was to come down and see if we could share the space, but the signs, rope and massive tarp wall blocking view from the road, not only made us feel a little uneasy, but the deputies as well. 5/24/21

*Update: Abandoned Motorhome at bridge has been removed! Thank you Douglas County Sheriffs Dept. 6/8/21

In response to allegations stated by Mike "Zilkowski", I wish you would have called me before making false claims. I have never defamed, verbally attacked you, or desecrated your claims. My above comments were aimed at protecting the beautiful spot you have. My family and I have always treated your claims with the utmost respect and always picked up the garbage that was left by those before us, leaving it better than we found it, ALWAYS! To make such accusations towards me and Nathan is actually defamation by definition. My family and I are extremely disappointed, and just an FYI, you own the mineral rights, not the land. People can swim "nude" there. ;)