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Joseph Poulson
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We were there last fall, found color in every pan. Smalls with one or two pickers. Good time camping. Seen lots of wildlife. We have plans to return this spring.


Black flies are super bad!

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Brandon Crawford
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Good fines.....bad flies in middle of june.


Metal Detecting

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I only had one day to check out our claims on Burnt River, for MD'ing the Eagle Rock claims looked the best. I did see where some sample holes were dug and maybe someone with a PI MD had dug a few holes. I was using a Goldbug2 with a small coil. I found alot of small trash items but no gold (yet) but the area does look promissing. The next time I'll camp there and will beable to MD more.


There's gold

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Matt Tripp
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This is a nice claim and a great area.. however the river is around 4 feet deep at the most convienent crossing.. If you can get to the area where others have dug there is gold.