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Very nice

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Jeffery Caples
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I've been to all the gpaa claims in ohio and this is the best one. Pulled my 32 foot camper to the rivers edge (dry conditions). Nice big shaded camping area. Waded the entire claim and prospected with a pan on first day, found color in every test. A note on wading here; would not recommended to wade with out being able to read the river and currents!! 2nd day floated 3 inch dredge to the best test location upriver. Did 4 cleanups and tested each one with a pan. 30 to 50 very small flakes with flour each cleanup test. But no pickers. Was planning a 3rd day but weather was moving in, Which you need to keep an eye on and water level if your any where but the area immediately below campground. Will definitely return.


Great Claim

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Christopher Chadwick
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Dredging up to a 4 inch dredge allowed, free camping, club meeting 1st Saturday of every month. Great Club, Great Claim, Great Club Members. Nice place to high bank, Dredge or just Pan as long as the water levels are down. One of my favorites. Very good sized Claim and River. Very nice shaded camping area, very well kept up.



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Jeffrey Howard
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Does anyone know if dredging is allowed here? And who do you contact about paying for a camping site? The caretaker listed in the book doesn't do it anymore.


Camping, Sluice

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John Street
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Is there sufficient space or better question area on the claim to run a high powered sluice, or is this a a lot of panning here? Dont matter to me i love it all just wondering is all.


New Member.

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John Street
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Have been prospecting for awhile just now joined. I have some family that are spriggs but do not know if this is their claim. Dont see one another often. Names are darrel, rodney, randy, jackie, brad.