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Easy Access, clean property

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Kathleen Biffle
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I like this area for high banking and dredging as there is a false sandstone bedrock where I have found the majority gold. In most areas here this is found about 18-20 inches and is pretty cool to dredge (or dig) down to it. My favorite time to go here is winter and early spring (if you have a wet suit and can take the cold) to find flood gold carried down by the strong current. Tends to be very busy in the summer because of the great camping and Buckeye Chapter events.


I call it the greatest place on earth

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I am from central Pennsylvania and I make it out to the Swank claim a few times throughout the summer for the past few years. It's an awesome place with good gold and great people. I camp every time I go and have a blast; always see lots of families enjoying the claim. I have never got a chance to go to any of the other claims but I hope to soon. The Buckeye chapter does a wonderful job. I have been to a couple of the gold rush days festivals and they are awesome. Thank you GPAA and thank you Buckeye chapter see you soon.



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James Vernon
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I have been to the claim twice. I agree with the others comments that it is a well maintained property. Above average accommodations that is well kept. I have found traces of fine and/or powder gold. If I have one minor complaint, it would be when you are hand-panning in the shallows of the river close to the bank, I find too much fire debri from campfires that were made from people in that area before me. It makes it more difficult to get to what I'm there for. We had a good time and will return in the future. Overall, I gave it a 5-star review. Thank-you.. Happy prospecting to all my fellow members.


Gem of the GPAA Right in Ohio

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Stopped down at the Swank West back in January. Did a little panning, finding a few specs. The property is in very good shape, taken great care of by the Buckeye Chapter members. Really enjoy this property!


Great place for familys

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Sam Horn
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Upon arrival at this claim I noticed claim is very clean and well maintained. It has easy access for types of vehicles. The claim has a covered shelter house, sandbox, and playground set for the kids. There are multiple port a pots on the claim. The claim has a nice stretch of the river and camping is right on the river. There are shade and sunny parts all over the claim. Most gold found is small, but I always seem to find some color here. This claim also has an extension the Swank East, It is only about a mile away. There is food and a gas station just a few miles away. Making it very convenient if you need something. This claim is home of the Buckeye Chapter. All member of this group seem great, sociable, and always willing to help. I always felt very welcome here.