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Darren Murphey
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I panned 4 buckets and came up empty. 2 from the tailing and two from the lip of the mine. I am a newby and did not feel comfortable entering the mine. It seemed a little soft to me so I didn't enter and therefore I have no idea how deep it may be but it was cool looking in.


to get to the claim

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When you turn by the bridge you go about 2 miles down the road you will see a road go to the left its a ruff trail with some large rocks on the road. When I went out there there was a bunch of cow by a water hole and the road was right past that.


No luck but a good day

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Rex Stevens
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No problem finding the site with the GPS coordinates and Google Earth to ID the roads. Got there in my Smart Car (it is my RV tow car) but I would recommend something with more clearance so you can move faster. Good Version cell service at and on the way to the claim. Very little trash and less now after what I carried out but no good targets found.


Easy to find

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James Kerr
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We went up there it is a slow drive but we mad it in a fairly low clearance car. I would recommend a little more clearance. The mine is easy to see, however I would not recommend entering the mine it is a steep angle and does not look real stable. We explored most of the north west side of the claim and did not find anything. a few hits on the detector, but it was just trash. The gully us filled with tumble weeds and hard to metal detect. It is a great view from the top.


Temple Group

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David Morris
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Cool area. Not a place I would go if just learning to prospect but really cool. Not sure what I found. It looks like lead any ideas?