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Saturday outting

20 10
Scott Brooks
Step 1 of 1

Part 1 Our first outting

Thank you GPAA for preserving public access for us, I haven't added any directions as yet the video camera was new and didn't have enough storage space. I will at a later date drive back to the claim and then upload the video. So I am a brand new Prospector/metal detector hobbyist with my wife. We caught a video online about metal detecting and dove in, since then I have discovered the menagerie of rules, regulations and laws that utterly confuse would be hobbyists and truly make it difficult to enjoy this pastime with family and learn about our history, our community, our country, and our world.

Thankfully organizations like the GPAA exist. So Aces and Eights in Nelson NV, this claim is easy to access. I mean it is really easy to access, mind the speed limits I don't know what the local law enforcement is like but it is a small community right before you leave the road and people and animals can step out anywhere. The drive back to the claim is via a graded gravel road that follows a wash that has seen some water activity so it still has some bumps, but completely accessible by 2 wheel drive.

Diggings and historical mines dot the landscape but most appear to be off limits for preservation and safety. The area of the claim we traveled to was near to the center of the claim area. The first monument as listed by GPS is very accurate and the post is there the tag is gone though. This claim site appears to have seen a lot of activity over time, there are very interesting dig sites that expose a lot of geologic information about the site as well. We spent our day working mostly down in the washes. I found a tailings area under where a significant amount of material was moved and collected a bucket to pan later.

Work is calling, I will post part two soon with video and pictures.

Good hunting!


Part 2 Saturday Outting

12 7
Scott Brooks
Step 1 of 3

Just a few pictures from near center of claim. There was quite a few claim markers out there some new some old, which made it a little confusing to us greenhorns.


Aces and Eights

11 0
Bernard Jakl
Step 1 of 2

Had a group of 6 GPAA Members, set up two dry-washers, checked several locations, about 4 hours dry washing. Recovered no Aces (Gold) not a speck. Two members tried metal detecting with the same results No Ace's found.


went to see claim

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went to claim brought my atv,did some sampling saw black sand in pan,there was a junk vehicle with lots of garbage in the road ,9/25/18. i dropped my car off before the fork and switchback across from mine shaft with timbered head.came across a guy looking for land to buy,i told him to be careful with 2 wheeled drive vehicle.we exchanged phone numbers,when i came back 3 hours later his car was parked next to mine. did not see anyone and the country is rugged.well i called him today 9/29 and he told me he hiked up the hill fell into a wash and broke his leg.laid there all night,the miner who ownes that mine saw his car the night before and walked up the hill,did not see him and heard his cries for help,he's doing fine and was very lucky,you walk off the road 75 yards and could be in trouble,i always pack a whistle,mirror,phone,and tell someone where i'm going,and i stressed to this guy how dangerous it is,anyway stay safe out there


No gold in aces and eight

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Went up to the clam dug a few wholes came back with 4 buckets. All 4 buckets had no gold didnt even see any flower gold. Going to try one more time today if i find anything i will post some pic