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Been gone to long

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It has been a few years since I worked this claim. I tested a number spots in the small run offs and washers and had very little luck in getting more than a speck or two in a pan.
Changing my prospecting up and getting out of any of the water runners, I focused on finding anything that resembled a bench. I found a number of spots on the south - Southwest side of the claim that looked like well worn small benches and began testing in and below these spots. The gold got better as I followed these runners and had I not had to get to Albq, I would have spent more time there.


Not much gold

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Jamin Neet
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Beautiful little canyon, but found only one speck of gold in four 5-gallon buckets. Saw where others had sampled in the streambed also, but evidently they weren't impressed either. Good for a relaxing trip, but not worth a dedicated gold outing.


Anyone working this area?

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Timothy Schnedler
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Moving to this area, wondering if anyone active on this claim area, Would love to meet some people in the area and go out prospecting


I will be in ABQ for a few months

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I will be in the "area" for a while and was wondering if anyone has worked this area, and how is the drive up to the claim? Like do you need a high lift vehicle and what type of equipment are you using up there and are you finding that AU?