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David St John
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good place to find flake gold and very small pieces. most people i see use a drywaser and dig into the bank of the arroyo. i didnt have a drywasher so dug and used my recirc high banker.i found most flakes in top six inches of dig. small amount on bedrock. you can dig basicaly anywhere and find flake. 160 acres to use so prospect it all



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Mostly fine gold but occasionally you can find a picker. I go to this claim regularly and always find gold. This is a dry claim but soil is moist due to winter rains. Had my best luck in the red gravels riding the bed rock. Good luck!


Day trip

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Shane Helsel
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Working in Albuquerque for awhile decided to go south 2 hrs.26 minutes easy to find easy access, on arrival walked down to the wash seen past activities from the middle of the wash to the top of the banks , decided to try the bank bedrock is fairly shallow had fines and small chunkies in each clean out , this is a nice cliam I feel there is shiny through out.


Greyback Group

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Leonard Marella
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VERY easy access. From Hillsboro, went East on NM152, there was a closed (but unlocked) gate just East of the claim. Once in, took immediate right down to the arroyo.

Classified (1/4") about 3 buckets of material from a shelf in the arroyo. Ran it through a recirculated high banker and recovered fines to very small flakes. Appeared to be good creviceing opportunities, but forgot to bring my vac!

Dry washing may be best way to process on site, I only have wet equipment so brought lots of water for it, and LOTS of water for me! STAY HYDRATED... Would definitely return.


Hillsboro, NM Greyback Group Placer Claim

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Clark Mossman
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Simple accurate directions. Bring a vac. Water. Shade. Knee pads.

Dry hot summer desert wind.
I love this water shed.
Dirt in your pores.
No relief.