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Road Blocked/Un passable

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Ken Castillo
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I was going to go there, however I was informed by the Billings chapter that the owner of the property next door has blocked off the only road into the property. After talking with the BLM, they told me yes indeed it is blocked. Not only is it blocked by so badly eroded, unless you have an ATV it is not possible to get there. I have been told by the people at Zortman claim, that the few people that went to the GPAA claim were unable to find anything. I will try again next year with an ATV.


Joe Hentz

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Joe Hentz
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I heard for years it was impossible to get to the claim form Zortman. Nothing could be further from the truth unless old logging roads scare you. You definitely need an ATV but it's easy to get there and the gold is easy to get. Lots of bedrock with 60 acres of beautiful scenery