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Flat Foot — 2x4 or 4x4

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1. West bound on I-10 from Quartzsite, exit I-10 on exit 11. At stop sign turn left under interstate and left again staying right on Dome Rock Road. When you turn onto Dome Rock Road travel East Toward Quartzsite for 1.4 miles to the SW corner of the Flat Foot claim, coordinates; 33° 38' 36.416"N 114° 18' 12.440"W.

2. On the West side of Quartzsite, heading West on main street, Turn left (South) and cross over the Interstate. Before getting to the Loves station, at Dome Rock Road, turn Right on Dome Rock Road and travel West for 4 miles to the SE corner of the Flat Foot claim, coordinates; 33° 38' 36.416"N 114° 18' 43.772"W.

3. Boundary coordinates: SW Flat Foot, 33° 38' 36.416"N 114° 18' 12.440"W SE Flat Foot, 33° 38' 36.416"N 114° 18' 43.772"W NE Flat Foot, 33° 39' 2.447"N 114° 18' 12.440"W NW Flat Foot, 33° 39' 2.447"N 114° 18' 43.772"W.

If you are going to drive down in the dry washes, I would highly recommend small 4X4 or ATV.

The North boundaries are actually on the North side of the Interstate but very little land is available to prospect on because of the Interstate easement.

The claims to the West belong to the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club. You can see Blake at the Miners Depot in Quartzsite for membership.


No signs — 2x4 or 4x4

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Gary Kessell
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This claim is easy to get to but there are no signs, use GPS. There are many claims around it. Direction are accurate. 2x4 most of property. Passed it several times looking for corner posts.


Dangerous claim — 2x4

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Michael Schmitz
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Got a gun pulled on me by other GPAA member third day of camping on claim ,' HOLES " everywhere be careful where you drive 2x2 and 4x4 accessible


Onx map — 2x4

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Map onx south boundary line

I want to share the line "Line 02/19/22 20:57" with you. View & Save it to the onX Hunt app here:


Easy access — 2x4

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just like the other directions say take exit 10 for Dome rock rd .Head back towards Quartzite. You will see several markers for Jumping jack claims. When you are just past the tallest peak to the South , you will see the last marker for Jumping jack claim on your left , or North. Access to Flat foot begins here towards the highway.