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New Exploration of the Boise Gold Claim

10 0
Michael Woods
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My son and I just arrived at this claim (Aug. 2, 2020...a little social distancing). We'll explore it a little with the dredge, then fill ya all in on what we find. Mountain Lion in the area. It killed one of our dogs the first day there. Not much shade in the parking/camping area. After a little checking, I will make some 'suggestions' for improvements. Update: turned out to be a wolf that killed our dog. Very discouraged after that and ended up leaving. I'll hit it up again later on.


Power sluice

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Few years back was unsuccessful with power sluice. Did not hit bedrock with limited time. Like to know how deep bedrock is....6 ft wasn't deep enough. River bank gravel had color with some panning.


First picker

3 0
Kristopher Swenson
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So I drove up to this claim last weekend I've been wanting to check it out.I couldn't dig anywhere good because of highwater.. but I did find a little picker. U can watch it on my youtube channel buffalo kris prospecting. I give this property 5 stars because I had never been there before and the water was high so digging was limited. But even with those two disadvantages I still did fairly well


Another picture, not so blurry.

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Michael Woods
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One that's not so blurry.


There should be gold on this claim.

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Michael Woods
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Found upstream of Boise Gold claim. I was a few miles upstream from the claim, on a friends claim.