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HIS & HIS #1 & #2

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Mathew Ellis
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Lots of hummingbirds some gold on top. Lots of people from Boise on the weekend that don't know how to pick up there trash. Hot in August but the creek was a great relief I'll go back when not so hot


Found gold fast.

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Orion Whitwell
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I was driving through here looking at property, stopped by for an hour or so, and in a few classified pans I found 20-25 pieces of flour gold and a good size flake.


Found some rocks with gold flakes, October 28,2018

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Fine gold, 10 flakes out of 10 gallons, also found some bigger rocks with gold flakes embedded in them, always check when classifing, found about 2' under gravel in creek bed that was prior worked. Pretty awesome for my third trip since becoming a member.



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Eric Whitmore
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When working this claim last summer we were panning and we found the typical fine gold with an occasional flake. Kevin Hoagland metal detected this claim for a YouTube and actually found a nugget after a day of searching and digging a lot of trash.



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Matt Tripp
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Just out doing test pans.. Fine gold from several locations. Also there are washes from top of the ridge, test pans of some of this material also yield fine gold.