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Jeremy Toms
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Possible claim jumping. A lot of people that live near this claim, and other claims in the Delores river groups, travel hwy141 and collect material from these claims by the truck load. Most of this happens in the evening when traffic is very scarce. I belong to the Grand Valley Gold Prospectors club in Grand Junction Colorado and recently a new member of the gpaa. I am also one of the claims owners of gjc#8. I been warned to stay away from this claim, especially the ugliness. From what I have been told, it is our clubs responsibility for maintaining this claim. I have thought about volunteering my trail cameras, but after seeing the removal of trees. I don't think I would ever see them again. I have wanted to explore this claim, because it must be worth it. I just don't want to be held responsible for someone else's mess. Anybody who spends any time working this claim when the blm drives by most likely will be questioned pretty hard, unless you are doing some reclamation. I intend to take a couple hours of my trips to this area for reclaiming this claim. Overseeing this claim by our club has been a very daunting task as many of our members are retired and don't frequent this area. Many of our club members aren't even gpaa members. Our club is not even a gpaa chapter. So I'm sure most can understand, trying to organize a club outing for reclamation at this claim is next to impossible. The only benefit our club relieves from the gpaa is the permission to prospect on the other gpaa claims in the Delores river groups, and only these claims, as gjc#6,7,8,9 are private claims and belong to and paid for by our clubs claim owners. We only benefit if our individual members are gpaa members. If anybody or the gpaa has any suggestions on how we can keep people from doing this, so our club quits getting blamed for this as well and so we can keep prospecting here. My pics are over 5mb so Facebook Grand Valley Gold Prospectors for the pics.


Difficult river access from road / Dense brush

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Not much found in my test pans. Beautiful scenery. Hanging flume is an engineering marvel and a must see.



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Patrick Lamb
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Wesley. ...if you'll let me know ...msge me on fb....I'll try to get a time my son in law and grandson can go down and clean it up. I'm a gpaa member now, my got it for me on my birthday 😊



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Mike Goodwin
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I went to the claim on the Delores River at mm100. I found only one sign up as a claim, and it did not state anything about the name, who owns the rights or anything. As a member I feel the Colorado Chapter needs to bring these things up at meetings, and then someone needs to go and take care of these small but important issues.


Me and misses r gpaa members and go

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Frank Bowley
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Me and misses r gpaa members going to reeces honor today to check it out