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Found some gold

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Brian Rietze
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I went to the claim for the day and found about 25 small pieces of gold by hand panning – pretty much all in one spot. I started at the parking area and went down stream doing test pans along the way. I only found 1 flake until I tested a spot about 0.8 miles back, where I found the rest in about 2 hours of panning.

The terrain is rugged, with large boulder fields, canyons, and rockslide scrabble. Paths are primitive and require boulder hopping, and I had to climb about 100 feet straight up and back down to get past one particular canyon. I also had to wade through the stream at a few points (had waders on). I am young and in shape so I could do all this, but I give warning that it is not an easy claim to access in some parts (I didn’t test the easy access areas near the parking lot, but one older prospector was panning that day and didn’t find anything – he also spoke to a park ranger who stated “no gold has been found here in a long time”. The claim also goes to the west but I didn’t go that direction, only south/east).

The drive to the claim was mix of dirt roads/roughly paved roads so a 2 x 4 is sufficient, but I wouldn’t try a Honda Civic as there were some gnarly potholes and the dirt roads are quite bumpy.

I also brought a folding sluice, but didn’t use it as I didn’t find good enough gold in my test pans until later in the day, but the water flow was good for a river sluice box.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Good luck!

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My understanding is that the gold is relatively deep within the creek bed and that the area has been heavily dredged. It was recommended to me to dig an old bank if possible. I did some detecting maybe 100 yards down river and did not find much aside from trash. In March the water was flowing to the point where crossing seemed like a bad idea. The only way to get down river was to hike a trail to the east of the parking area which took you south down river. This required climbing up and down over the mountains. By late August there were only stagnant pools of water. Exert caution when hiking the trails. The trails are thick with vegetation which makes visibility difficult. I quickly found a large rattlesnake sitting dead center of the trail. Photo is from late August.


Triple D

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Rene Paz
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Brian Rietze get a hold of me on here or at if you plan on going up again. Maybe we can meet up in March.