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Nice little creek

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We got up there late in the day and creviced for about two hours. Nice area lots of quartz in and around the creek. I can see how in the summer there is no water but right now plenty of water and some nice little flakey gold. After about two hours we ended up with 7 small pices in the box. Can't complain about an afternoon out.


Just got back 4/24/20

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Michael Fazio
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I didn't see much quartz, but it was loaded with what I believe is schist. I took test pans as I went and found nothing. I stopped testing until I came across some quartz seamed into the bedrock and decided to crevice around it to see if any gold leached out into a trap. I did find my first pieces of the day there.

I decided to see what was further up the creek and discovered the river really does have a lot of different faces; there are unique and puzzling places to take some test pans.

I decided to make my mission to go as far back as an old tributary, but before I got there I came across some large bedrock with pits in it so I swung my detector a bit and was surprised to get a really solid signal. I would have guessed that pit was checked 100 times but my first ever picker came out of there. (it's the biggest in the photo).


Fun times in June 2020

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Alfred Rodriguez
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Went out to visit Just For Money on 06/28/2020. Stream is flowing but very slowly. Not enough to run my fluid bed sluice. I tried to make a couple choke points, but the water was very slow.

Started about 6:30AM and packed up at about 9:30. Like a previous poster mentioned, it is best to park at the large turnout and walk to the creek then walk upstream about 800ft. I plugged the boundaries into my GPS.

Creviced for about 3 hours, with a couple breaks so my son and I can joke around and throw rocks. He’s 19 but throwing rocks is fun at any age.

Found a couple flakes and couple specks of flour, but this is great for me.


07/18/2020 trip report

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Alfred Rodriguez
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Went for another visit. Started about 7AM and went to 10:30AM. Got a little warm at 93 deg by the time we left. No water flowing but small pools of water were still around to pan.

Three little small flakes from roughly 2 1/2 buckets of classified dirt.