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You enter your zip code, or the zip code you may be planning to travel to and we find the closest locations for prospecting opportunities. It's that simple! GPAA members provide additional details based on their own experiences at the property. Get these and other important details by starting with a location search. Learn more about the features and functionality of the Online Claims Directory by watching this video:

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GPAA values your membership and the experience you’ve gained from your prospecting adventures. We look to our members to provide valuable information on their experiences at specific locations. As a GPAA member you can add comments to our directions and upload your photos from those outtings to help us ensure our visitors are getting the latest information.

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By joining a GPAA chapter, you will have the opportunity to participate in group events and outtings at local prospecting properties. Attending these group outtings increases your chances of finding gold and other treasure, so find and join your local chapter today.