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No gold except the dry pan Kevin found LOL!

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Been out there twice, tested lots of grounds, got skunked both times. One of the times was an outing with the club, nobody got a speck.. there is an adjacent claim, that owner said it is pockets of fine if you find them out there.. Nice GPAA got a claim near Vegas to bad it is useless.


went to see claim

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went to claim brought my atv,did some sampling saw black sand in pan,there was a junk vehicle with lots of garbage in the road ,9/25/18. i dropped my car off before the fork and switchback across from mine shaft with timbered head.came across a guy looking for land to buy,i told him to be careful with 2 wheeled drive vehicle.we exchanged phone numbers,when i came back 3 hours later his car was parked next to mine. did not see anyone and the country is rugged.well i called him today 9/29 and he told me he hiked up the hill fell into a wash and broke his leg.laid there all night,the miner who ownes that mine saw his car the night before and walked up the hill,did not see him and heard his cries for help,he's doing fine and was very lucky,you walk off the road 75 yards and could be in trouble,i always pack a whistle,mirror,phone,and tell someone where i'm going,and i stressed to this guy how dangerous it is,anyway stay safe out there


No gold in aces and eight

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Went up to the clam dug a few wholes came back with 4 buckets. All 4 buckets had no gold didnt even see any flower gold. Going to try one more time today if i find anything i will post some pic


lode gold

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dug pretty good size hole north side mountain where all the draws meet. not a speck of gold. if there is gold on this claim its still lode. mines on adjacent mountains all directions except this mountain.


Aces and Eights

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Bernard Jakl
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Had a group of 6 GPAA Members, set up two dry-washers, checked several locations, about 4 hours dry washing. Recovered no Aces (Gold) not a speck. Two members tried metal detecting with the same results No Ace's found.