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some flakes near the G spot

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follow Charles Jojola's map and went to the G spot and around. metal detected for 3 hours all over the load area he dowsed. nothing but some 50 cal shells, tips and shackles from the artillery.
set up dry washer in a high mineralized drifts sluffing off the hill (load area) ran 3 buckets panned out and found nice flake. ran 9 more buckets. could not tell if gold was on top or down lower but I did get some more when I took the cons home and worked them.
one of the access roads that would take you straight to the G spot on the map is closed now with a red maker from BLM that says access closed but plenty of other accesses to get close.
walked the claim and the claim marker in the center has a box on it that has been vandalized and whatever contents are gone and the door is ripped off and missing.
nice area, I am looking forward to going back and seeing the other areas of this claim they looked good. I will get more gold next time


Lode discovered between HB #1 & 9

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I surveyed the area using map dowsing and discovered a lode running between HB #1 & 9. Most of the gold is settling on HB #9 claim at the marker "G".


Hey Buddee 1 Barstow Claim

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Using a recirculating Highbanker, recovered small flakes and several fines and ultra fines. Prospect in wash areas and dig 12 to 15 inches to the Caliche layer [hard pack white in color]. Work the dirt just above the layer. Follow the layer. Several reports by other prospectors of small nuggets using metal detectors above the Caliche layers as well.