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New Detour — 4x4

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Wayne Hubbard
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Cosumnes Mine Road is closed before the trail turnoff. You now must take Sciaroni Road from Grizzly Flats. Work on the road will continue through November 2018 and resume again next spring 2019. Assuming Calvin is correct, getting to the claim will require hiking IN the river for a couple hundred yards up stream. This would only be possible in late summer and early fall.


Mr. Courtnier is correct — 4x4

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The road in past the trunaround is rough, steep 40ish degrees, rocky.
Be 4WD equipped, not all wheel, 4WD.

However, I believe Mr. Courtnier is incorrect as to the claim location depending on the definition (location) of parking.
Having spent many days dredging, when we could :(
Beautiful spot to camp along the creek.
Not picking a fight, just my opinion of claim location.
I'm relaying on the 2014 mining guide along with the GPS cords provided above.
If you have printed, verified intel, I would love to be enlightened



Claim is up stream from parking — 4x4

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Calvin Courtnier
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When you drive in you better have 4x4 wheel drive. The last hill after the turn around is rough and steep. When you get to the creek, the claim is located about a 1/4 mile UP STREAM. The immediate access and down stream is privately claimed for just over a mile. Those claims are posted well so claim jumping is no excuse.


Approach from the South — 4x4

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Wayne Hubbard
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Cosumnes Mine Bridge, on the North, is washed out. Approach from the South (Grizzly Flat Road, Spring Canyon Road, Cosumnes Mine Road). A slide took out half of Cosumnes Mine Rd. just before the access road, but it is still passable (at your own risk). Access road has a turn around point before it gets rough. A 4WD vehicle with good ground clearance should make it okay, but it is narrow and rutted.


road is washed out — 2x4

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steve blackwood
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columnes mine road is washed out before the claim. advise against using that access.