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Good gold and area..

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As of today 10/3/2018..
Monsoon season has drenched this area. We also had a recent storm come through. That has the wash running with water..
So if your planning on dry washing I would wait..
The wash still has decent color. Small flake and fines.. I found my best piece, a nice 0.05 gram picker. On a slope leading into the wash.. Not far from my campsite. You dont have to look hard to find color on these claims.. Best advice until the water drys up.
Bring a slice or recirculating equipment..
Picture is gold from the wash, right in front of my campsite..


Good stuff

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Armando Romero
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I did a day of prsopecting out here. I found more gold around the tops of the knolls than I did down in the wash. The wash had good gold too but I ended up breaking what I thought was flagstone down towards the wash area. I started crevicing there but realized the rock broke up fairly easily so I started going down towards something solid. I never made it down to anything more solid than the flagstone stuff. I classified down five buckets to 1/2 inch. Came up with good pieces. Comparable to Lynx and Rose, but I would have to say, a little better because of the private, less worked grounds. I can't wait to hit bedrock up there.


Difficult For Detecting

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Son & I with a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 & a GPX 4500 found nothing but trash. The washes are full of nails, bullets, empty shell casings, rusted steel, and other trash. With the 4500 there were constant hits every few feet. Tried numerous series of exposed bedrock and cracks with no results. Outside of the washes there is much brush which makes it very difficult to detect outside of the washes. Definitely need a high clearance 4X4 to get into the claim as there's many areas with high center on the road in. This would be a better place for dry washing or sluicing if there is indeed gold in the washes.


Not skunked here.

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Fall (November) 2012 Dry conditions, temperature in the 80's. I've been skunked on some other claims and this was where I learned to set up and use my new dry washer. The drive down from the dirt road may be challenging especially with a camper. Weather was nice so I tent camped for a couple days on that nice campsite to the right of the first wash. Creviced and dry washed upstream from the power line trail in the first wash and pulled 4.7 grams of small chunky stuff but probably blew out some since that was my first time dry washing. If you go South to Double JJ the power line trail is THE best road and where it returns to the claim(s) there is another possible camp site near a Y in the washes. This is also about where the two claims meet. I will definitely return to this site and have a better go at it. Great tips from Kevin which I will use in the future.


Soldier Boy/ Double JJ

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This is a good claim. Still gold to be found here. Wet methods during some winter months, when we actually get some winter weather here in Az. This year there has been some winter. I usually just metal detect here. Kevin has offered some great tips for this claim. Most just hit the 1st wash as they enter the claim. Look around this claim more as it definitely has more to offer. It is rather brushy and rattle snakes are certainly around and need be respected in summer months especially. This claim can usually be accessed year round, however can get rather muddy getting there during wet weather. Some nice chunky gold has been found here and will continue to be found here by those that put the effort into finding it.