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The road — 4x4

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The directions in the book is accurate. The road heading down to claim is rocky. 2x4 truck with high clearance is highly recommended. 4x4 or ATV. You will know your on the right road when see a large sign saying. " placer creek gold recreation area." When you get down the field. You will have to park and hike the rest.. Forest service has closed the roads leading. To other parts of claim. No access except hiking in from Hopewell lake upper area. You will have to pay a day use fee to park at the lake. Campgrounds at the lake are 20.00 per night.
You can camp for free down by the creek. Or by the placer creek sign on the road going down. All the other areas are pay to camp according to the camp host.
Camp host also said "unless you pay for camping. You can not use the trash cans or toilets."


NOT EASY — 4x4

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You NEED a 4x4 Truck at least. An ATV is better. The trail is rocky and narrow. You start at the reservoir. The easy trail is closed to vehicle traffic. The other one is to the left of the campground. HWY 42B. Go right before the 91B sign. You'll know it's the right trail when it gets rocky and heads downhill. When you get to water, you're at the creek. About twenty minutes in a truck.


report by member 2016 — 2x4 or 4x4

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high profile needed directions not accurate / Past Hopewell Lake to 91-A turn right. Claim access is difficult. Direction different from 2014 guide.


Check on road conditions if rain is forcast — 2x4

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These claims have some clay roads with in hilly areas.