Product Review: Summit Mining Gold Bandit

Author: KEVIN HOAGLANDThursday, July 3, 2014

Product Review: Summit Mining Gold Bandit

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By Kevin Hoagland

It is not often that a company hands me something that surprises me. Summit Mining did it with the Gold Bandit. The Bandit sets up in less than a minute and after adding water and a power supply, you are ready to recover your gold.

This is not your regular clean up unit. Unlike a lot of other offerings the Bandit utilizes an isolated suspended vibration system that settles gold fast.

Since shooting this video I have run pounds and pounds of final concentrates through the Gold Bandit and have been fine-tuning it each time I use it, along with trying to over -run the unit and make it loose gold. I accomplish this by running it at unreasonable speeds of material, meaning that if you're really interested in recovering your gold you would never run the Gold Bandit the ways that I have been.

For a complete product review on the Gold Bandit and other products from Summit Mining, keep an eye out for upcoming editions of the Gold Prospectors magazine.

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