Web-based radio show, blog offers forum for miners

Author: Deanna HamWednesday, December 16, 2015

Web-based radio show, blog offers forum for miners

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From a dark room in the back of his house, Tim Grimes feverishly rushes to load up his computers and start another eventful evening. Like any prospector, he longs for the river, but his duty tonight is to bring friends together to discuss gold mining and treasure hunting on www.goldprospectorsspace.com


Grimes started Gold Prospectors Space radio in December of 2008 with a goal to join more like-minded people who enjoy the thrill of the hunt when it comes to metal detecting, sluicing, highbanking, drywashing, dredging and, of course, panning for gold. He wanted to create a space where people could gather and share ideas and help with small-scale prospecting, mining and metal detecting issues. 


His vision began with just a few members, sharing pictures, videos and — his favorite part — the live chat room, where people can talk to each other in real time to share today’s mining topics, their recent finds and plan outings together. It was Tim’s dream to create a social network for prospectors and treasure hunters and he’s grown it into something he says he couldn’t ever imagine.

With the help with a few friends, Gold Prospectors Space has grown into not only a meeting spot but a popular Internet radio station using the popular site/app, Spreaker, on Prospectorsradio.com


Every Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. EST, Grimes is joined by his co-hosts and good friends Jim Ham, Rich Cooley, Ron Harrison and The Indiana Gold Hunter, Dennis Dayton. All of these personalities add their special knowledge and flavor to the show. 

Grimes and the co-hosts are online every Sunday via Skype and they make each show different and fun. They periodically have special guests that call in on the show, including people from some of the most popular gold shows on cable TV and Internet. They have spoken with guests from Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold, such as the Shawn Pomrenke (Christine Rose), Hank Shimschat (AU Grabber), Zeke TenHoff (The Clark) and Vernon Adkison (Wild Ranger). They have had “Dakota” Fred Hurt and Melody Tallis from the very popular TV show, Gold Rush


They also have had John Self, Americo Disantis, Josh and Jess Feldman from Ice Cold Gold, a show on Animal Planet. Not only do they have people from television, but they have had guests such as  Internet sensation Jeff Williams, of
Askjeffwilliams.com and YouTube fame, and Ryan Cardoza from Man Vs Gold.

Gold Prospectors Space also features special guests who are the creators of some of today’s most used mining and metal detecting equipment. Such guests include Steven “Doc” Vetter of Gold Hog, Rusty Curry of Garrett Metal
Detecting, Pat Keene of Keene Engineering, and others. Also, the many show sponsors  call in weekly to promote their items with special giveaways and contests.


When it comes to the latest topics, prospecting club activities and issues facing the mining community, the Gold Prospectors Space website is the place to be with informative guests such as Shannon Poe, president of the American Mining Rights Association, Gold Trails host Kevin Hoagland and Brandon Johnson, president of the Gold Prospectors Association of America and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association, just to name a few.


Gold Prospectors Space is free to join. Grimes has never asked for any kind of sign-up fee or membership fee. It’s a family-friendly site with some great moderators who keep it safe for people of all ages. The website is easy to navigate and to sign up is a breeze.


For more information, visitors to the the website can message any of the co-hosts who will gladly assist them sign up and access the online broadcast, find the the Facebook page, and explain how to listen to past shows in the Gold Prospectors Space archives.

Recently topping the 5,000-member mark, the show keeps growing with the addition to video simulcast on livestream for special events.  


What started out as a simple idea has become one of the biggest gold prospecting radio shows on the web. Grimes and his crew have listeners from all over the world and the membership is growing every day.



Website: www.goldprospectorsspace.com

Show time: Sunday nights., 7:30 p.m. EST.

Host: Tim Grimes


Article as featured in the December  ’15-January ’16 PIck & Shovel Gazette


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