Cancelled: September Italian Bar Outing

Author: DOMINIC RICCIThursday, September 17, 2015

Cancelled: September Italian Bar Outing

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GPAA-LDMA Outing at Italian Bar LDMA Camp is officially canceled.

The area surrounding Columbia, California is experiencing conditions not conducive to hosting our GPAA-LDMA Outing at Italian Bar LDMA Camp that was scheduled to start September 23, 2015.


We have been monitoring two fires (Butte & Oak) that are in the area. Continuous communications with CalFire, U.S. Forestry, Air Quality Management District - Calaveras County and our caretakers. The fires at this time seem to be under control, but as fire is unpredictable (flare ups, wind and increased temperatures/heat) and the air quality cause a concern for safety for our members and families. Member safety is first and foremost our greatest concern. 


LDMA and GPAA members that are currently registered for this event will be contacted to discuss their options from the cancelation of the outing.


Participants Options:

1) Transfer to another future Outing - 2015 or hold a credit for when the 2016 is announced.

2) Refund

3) LDMA members can apply Outing payment to Membership and Maintenance Dues.

4) GPAA Members can apply Outing Payment to a GPAA Lifetime membership or LDMA membership upgrade


Additional Opportunity: The Italian Bar Camp is currently NOT under evacuation.  

The Italian Bar LDMA Camp is currently not under Mandatory evacuation. Therefore if a GPAA member (and family) would still like to visit Italian Bar Camp during the canceled outing dates (September 23 - 27, 2015), we will make arrangements with our caretakers to let you be guests at the camp and enjoy prospecting. There will be no common dig operation or scheduled outing activities.

Dominic Ricci

Executive Director of Operations

1.951.699.4749 |

Gold Prospectors Association of America | Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association


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