The Gold Prospectors Association of America

Author: Paul LoulyWednesday, June 17, 2015

The Gold Prospectors Association of America

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About the GPAA

The Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) was founded in 1968 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector. The GPAA is also dedicated to providing a platform for the exchange of information, presenting an organized voice for small scale miners, professional prospectors and helping its members find more gold. GPAA members in cooperation with the GPAA have put together an extensive chapter program, many of which meet every month, and charge no dues.

These chapters are local member run groups that promote prospecting, camaraderie and education with members as well as local organizations, youth groups, and the general public. Today, the GPAA has become the world's largest prospecting organization, and our goals have not changed one bit. Through television, the internet, and print media, the GPAA today provides more information and is a more effective organized voice than ever before. GPAA programs provide places to go, local support, information, and much more.


Where are these locations? 

Throughout the U.S. (including Alaska)

What about access?

Some of the locations are right off the highway and accessible by nearly any type of

vehicle. Others require a 4x4, and some might require hiking in. Access is one of the
things clearly described on each location page.

Who may utilize these locations?

All GPAA/LDMA memberships are and family memberships. This includes your
spouse and children living at home under the age of 18. A current GPAA Claims Club
permit gives members access to hundreds of GPAA-listed claims and properties.

Are these GPAA owned properties?

No. Mining claims listed in the Mining Guide are owned by members and are listed with
the association as a favor to other members. Other locations are either state property
or federal lands, open to the general public. These locations are also listed as public


May I camp at these locations
Camping IS allowed on most claims. In those rare cases where camping is not
permitted, recommended campgrounds are usually nearby. Each member is responsible
for obtaining camping permits if they are required.


Where do I get permits?
Contact information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is listed in the Claims Club
Mining Guide. Camping permits, if necessary, may be obtained from the Forest Service
or the BLM. These numbers are listed in the Claims Club Mining Guide.


IMPORTANT: Individuals are responsible for their own permits, if required by federal, state or local agencies. Mineral leases are subject to approval of regulating agencies if the location is on either state or federal-acquired lands.

What about the Gold?

Reported finds, types of gold and the best recovery methods are listed on each location page, as well as noting potential for other precious metals (such as silver and platinum), gemstones, etc. You are NOT required to report any gold recovered, and you can keep all you find; providing that your mining venture is recreational and NOT a commercial enterprise.


How do I get started? Get more information?

Follow this link to see your membership options:

If you would like to renew an existing or expired membership visit:


You can also call us directly for more information and help understanding your land rights: 1(800) 551-9707 | Mon-Fri | 8-5 PST


Helpful Links:

Chapter Map -

Upcoming Events -

Community Spotlights -

Original Content & Community Videos -

GPAA Store -


Thank you from for helping us to continue to fight for our land rights. For prospecting with us and keeping our way of life alive and well. We'll see you out there!

Gold Conversions & Formulas

Formula for determining the amount of gold in a specimen of quartz: 

* WG = Weight of gold in specimen
WW = Weight of specimen in water
WA = Weight of specimen in air


Amount of Gold in:

24 k = 100% gold

22 k = 91.7% gold
18 k = 75% gold
14 k = 58.3% gold
12 k = 50% gold
10 k = 41.7% gold


Weight Conversion Table
24 grain = 1 pennyweight (dwt)
20dwt. = 1 troy ounce (oz)
12 oz. = 1 pound (lb.)
1 grain = .0648 grams
1.5552 grams = 1 dwt.
31.104 grams = 1 troy ounce




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