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Social Distancing - The Prospecting Way

From YouTube's Pioneer Pauly

by Pioneer Pauly

Social Distancing - The Prospecting Way
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By Pioneer Pauly


With all this social distancing regarding the COVID-19 virus, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and all of the negative attention from the media and others. Although there are many ways to catch said virus during this peak cold and flu season, there are even more ways to prevent it and actually enjoy this time of "chaos" if you can.


Chances are you are going to be okay. Humans are very strong despite what you may have been hearing on TV. The media makes a lot of money off your attention, trust me -- I'm a silly YouTuber.

Now I know a lot of you may be thinking about how terrible it is that you can’t go to work and what not, but solutions are being worked on. And, this will pass like everything else does. We are in this together so let’s enjoy it as much as we can.

One thing I have learned through my darkest times is that life is not only unpredictable, but nothing is promised. What is promised is that you will never get this time back. So, naturally enjoying each and every second you have on this planet is something we should be doing first. I think life's simplest and most beautiful things are something we all take for granted. This is a rare moment in history where much of the population is off committed duties, so my suggestion is to take advantage of this time and get lost in the outdoors, and really explore what our earth has to offer.


For me, what started as a 'social getaway' in a similar situation ended up being something that took over my life for the better. That thing, to nobody's surprise is gold prospecting. I believe something happens chemically and spiritually inside of us when we expose ourselves to nature’s peace and solitude after being exposed to the societal construct most of us grew in. What makes prospecting exciting for me (other than the fact you could come home with gold) is that I learn something more about myself, and my limitations that I previously (and subconsciously) set for myself. I used to be deathly afraid of water. But, now I find myself sneaking into the river to avoid a bear, or scuba diving alone 20 kilometers away from the nearest cell tower.


At some point there was a moment of vulnerability where I had to make the decision; Do I retreat back to my comfort zone, or do I trust and continue? I think the same concept applies in this time of isolation. In this time of global craziness, you must trust. Understand that you will survive and perhaps discover something even more special if you decide to take advantage of this time rather than retreat and ponder.

It is truly amazing what you can learn about yourself and a new hobby when you take it on, and sometimes its these type of events that give us no choice than to try something new and fulfilling.



And before I drag this on too long, I leave you with this... My recommendation for you is to get outside and do that thing you have been saving for a better day, or grab somebody you know who has no prospecting experience and take them out. Even if it’s just a walk or a talk, it may be something you or they could benefit from forever.

Life is a good place to be so take care of yourself in every way possible.

- Pioneer Pauly


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