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 Tuesday, July 30, 2019

AZ Chapters do good for the good of all

by GPAA Admin

AZ Chapters do good for the good of all
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As featured in the July/August 2019 Gold Prospectors Magazine


On Sunday, June 9, the GPAP and Apache Junction chapters got together for a Claims Cleanup on the Soldier Boy and Double J GPAA claims.

The Gold Prospectors Association of Phoenix (GPAP) Chapter did a chapter call-out to Gold Fever of the West Valley (GFWV) Chapter, Prescott Chapter, and Apache Junction Chapter for an emergency cleanup on the claims. About 30 to 35 people showed up and collected more than 1,060 pounds of trash, from leftover tents to tires, couches, and even a generator. We filled lots of large holes that had been left, removed a dead tree that someone had dug up and all worked well together to clean up these two claims and protect the right to use them. 


I just wanted you all to know that the Phoenix Chapter is trying to work with all to protect our rights as miners to keep our claims and that we are working toward the common goal of mining for gold and teaching new members. I have attached some photos from the day of fun, where we were also able to give away 11 gold pay dirt bags to the members who attended this cleanup.


Thank you for your time and consideration,


Etta Henson 

Vice President




A very special thank you to Etta and all the chapters that came together and contributed to this great cause. As she mentions, it’s paramount that we practice responsible prospecting in order to continue to enjoy our storied pastime. It’s true we’ve lost claims and properties due to trash and poor maintenance. Anyone can tell you that the government doesn’t need another reason to take away our public lands and there’s no excuse for trashing the earth to begin with.




  • Fill all the holes you dig up and even the ones you find that you can.
  • Don’t dig up trees.
  • Pick up after yourself and pick up any other trash you find.


We are the stewards of these great lands, and the sooner everyone sees that the sooner we’ll get the recognition we deserve and more land back to enjoy!


The Gold Prospectors Association of America


More Claims Cleanups are planned.

Visit for updates and more information.


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Chris Starr

9/24/2019 4:51 PM

The unfortunate problem I think we have on those two claims is the jumpers. I’ve been out several times and every time I find someone who isn’t a member digging holes.

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