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 Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Off to Alaska..

Join me at Gold King Creek for a few weeks of gold adventures!


Off to Alaska..
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by Kevin Hoagland


I have been all over Alaska over the years and quite frankly, Alaska is my all-time choice for North American prospecting and mining. From the Kenia Peninsula to Chicken, Alaska is a prospector’s wonderland.


Over the years I have been extremely fortunate as well in finding operating mines where I have been able to work the mines with the owners and outer area with great success and this year is a GOLDEN (pun intended) Opportunity that I am taking, and I have the pleasure to share with a handful of GPAA members.


Gold King Creek Mine is an operating gold mine south of Fairbanks and a valued GPAA partner. If you have attended any of the GPAA Gold & Treasure Shows in the last year you may have heard of the mine and resort.


Kib Cannon, the owner of the site, is an avid supporter of the GPAA and his major prize for each day of the Gold Shows is been a three-day trip to the mine to prospect on the property with supplied gold bearing material and equipment along with getting out on your own as well.

The only area off limits is and will continue to be the active mine site itself as it is secured and overseen by MSHA with a strict no entrance to the site during operations. Which to be honest is fine with me as it still leaves a lot of ground to be prospected.


Well enough of that, let’s go prospecting in Alaska. What first started out as a personal vacation I’ve since decided to share with my GPAA family. After all what’s a prospecting vacation without good gold prospecting friends and family? I will be leaving the first part of June for a few weeks and I want to invite a small group of members to join me and when I say a small group, I mean no more than 10 to 15 members for one to two weeks beginning on June 8th through June 16th, or if staying two weeks to the 23rd.


I know this is short notice and believe me when this trip becomes the success I see it being, I can imagine every one of you that can take advantage of this outing, booking for the next year. I’m almost certain that there will be a lot more members coming up in the future after we get back.


Kib and crew understand the short time window for booking this trip as well and have created special pricing for GPAA Lifetime and annual memberships. You will need to contact his team directly to receive the pricing and booking and when doing so, include your GPAA Lifetime or annual membership number for verification.


Here is what to expect when you get there:

• Unsurpassed beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and gold. 
• Full his/hers bathrooms with unlimited hot water, flushing toilets and personal showers.
• 10 double occupancy rooms with individual heat.
• The Lodge has satellite tv, weights and treadmill, game room and fresh popcorn.
• Family style dining with home style cooking: Hot breakfast, sack lunch and buffet dinner.
• Gold King Creek Saloon is open nightly, relax and enjoy the sun deck with majestic views of Keevy Peak.
• Nightly camp fires and entertainment or go hang out at the gold room and watch the commercial mine cleanup and maybe even have them run your clean up across the table or the big wheels.

Now, here’s how it works for getting there. You fly the carrier of your choice or drive to Seattle Washington arriving there no later than early evening on June 8th then taking the late flight from Seattle to Fairbanks that night. There is a hotel across from the Fairbanks Airport that you will reserve a room in prior to leaving on the trip and I recommend making those reservations as soon as you book with Kib.


On Sunday morning the charter plane will bring you to the mine and depending on the number of people it may take two trips with about an hour and a half turn around per flight. Again, all of those details will be worked out with the Gold King Creek crew when you book.


On the return flights leaving Fairbanks, the charter will get you back to Fairbanks on the Sunday morning that your trip ends and you will make your arrangements for getting home from Fairbanks.


Fairly simple and a fantastic opportunity to get on Alaskan inland gold. The website includes all of the things that you should bring with you and what is included like clean up equipment, highbankers, (limited) dredges, and virgin ground to work. And yes, there’s even ATV’s for rent.


I want to add to this list as well. Bring your metal detector. I have seen some of the gold that has come out of the mine site and some of the additional 35 mining claims that are available to us and it is detectable. I’ll be taking some groups out detecting when we are not running other equipment.


This is a closed trip during the two weeks of June for GPAA members ONLY. To book your trip contact the Gold King Creek team directly.

Because of the remoteness of the camp and the team getting ready for the 2019 mining season it might be better to email or message them on Facebook. Kib is in the lower 48 right now getting gear for the season on the mine while his team is getting things ready in Alaska.


Phone: 907-978-4757 (leave a message if need be)
Email e-mail:

The ground is thawing, the mine is getting ready to go into full operation and the gold is waiting for us. Do you really want to pass up this opportunity to join me in Alaska?


After you book your trip, email or call me so we can start planning our adventures at Gold King Creek!
951-699-4749 X 178

I’ll see you, in Alaska.


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