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 Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kevin Hoagland to Speak at 2018 Gold & Treasure Shows

Seminar topic: Mind over machine

by Kevin Hoagland

Kevin Hoagland to Speak at 2018 Gold & Treasure Shows
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Kevin Hoagland to Speak at 2018 Gold & Treasure Shows

"Mind over machine"

One of 2018 GPAA Gold & Treasure Show’s featured speakers is GPAA’s very own Executive Director of Development, Kevin Hoagland. His expertise in metal detecting and detecting technology is second to none. During this intriguing and interactive seminar, he will be fine tuning you, not only to become a better detectorist, but specifically detecting for the most elusive yellow metal.

Kevin’s class is not about the technology. Kevin often says, “Detecting technology; I’ve got that down pat and there is no reason for you as a gold detectorist to muddle your brain like I have with all of that stuff. You just want to find gold”. This is about how to use the technology to your advantage by understanding exactly what is going on, and how to work with your gold prospecting detector for maximum potential.

Matching you to the detector, and the detector to the ground is his teaching goal. “If you know your detector and how to tweak it here and there to match your detecting area and style and you know how to match the detector to the ground you are detecting, then you are sure to find what lays hidden underneath your coil”.

Hoagland built his first detector when he was 9 years old after receiving a kit detector for his birthday. Three days later, he began rebuilding the detector because he wasn’t satisfied that it could find the family car 10 inches away. He knew it could be better.

This started his lifelong journey in detecting and the technology, all the while helping others become better detectorist.

Since 1986, with the advent of what he considers the first true detector built for electronic prospecting, Kevin has traveled the world detecting for gold and teaching other to be successful in their search for the elusive yellow metal as well. Over the years, he has worked with many the major manufactures to test various gold detectors, which lead to a position with Minelab in Development and Training before joining the GPAA. 

This class is for all levels of electronic prospectors, and those just thinking about getting into metal detecting for gold. Bring your questions and a note pad.  His seminars are interactive, and he encourages questions throughout his presentation. Your question may answer someone else’s question that they did not think to ask.

So, come enjoy the Felix Gourmet Gold Panning Zone where you can pan for real gold and keep what you find. See the latest and greatest tools and equipment that top manufacturers have to offer, and of course help yourself find even more gold by sitting in on some of the industry leaders tips and tricks in the seminar series. Stay for over $10,000 in prizes that are given away daily. You don’t want to miss this.

Lectures are held throughout the day, every hour on the hour from 11 AM until 4 PM Saturdays and until 3PM Sundays.

These lectures are free with admission to the show. Remember kids 12 and under get in for free as well as veteran and active military with ID. Purchase your tickets early online at, from one of our local host chapters, or by calling GPAA’s member services department at 800-551-9707 and save 50% on admission.


Kevin Hoagland is the Executive Director of Development for the GPAA and can be reached at

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