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 Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The 50th Anniversary Mining Guide is here!

We will begin shipping the 50th Anniversary Mining Guide immediately

by Brandon Johnson

The 50th Anniversary Mining Guide is here!
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Dear GPAA/LDMA Members,

We at the GPAA are excited to be releasing the new 50th Anniversary Claims Club Membership Mining Guide! Much effort has gone into making this the best mining guide we have ever produced. We at the GPAA office are excited to get it in your hands, and we hope that all members can use the information to find more gold.

Address Verification

Leading up to the release, we have worked with members, to the best of our ability, to confirm address information so that as many mining guides reach their destination as possible. We will be shipping over 26,000 copies at the release and have updated thousands of addresses in the last few weeks because of calls to and from our members, emails with updated information and members updating their information on our website at If you provided updated information to us using one of these mediums, rest assured that we made the appropriate changes to your records and you will be mailed the new guide. Thank you all for providing updated contact information as it helps us provide benefit to you all as members.

The Mining Guide is Complete

The 50th Anniversary Mining Guide has been printed and will ship on July 27, 2018. The final mailing list will be sent to the printer at the close of business on Tuesday July 24th, and we will start shipping the new mining guide with new memberships and renewals immediately. The guide will be mailed via United States Postal Service bulk mail out of Las Vegas, NV, so those locally can expect a quick turnaround.

Who Will Receive the New Mining Guide?

There have been many questions about who will be receiving the new guide at the time of initial distribution. We will be sending the guide to all current active Lifetime Members of the GPAA (including all current active LDMA members). We will also be sending the guide to all current two and three-year GPAA members. If you currently have a one-year membership with the GPAA, you will receive your guide with your upcoming renewal. If you would like the guide sooner, you can renew now to add on to your existing membership and we will send the 2018 mining guide with your renewal package. Any single-year (or multi-year) membership sign-ups or renewals from Wednesday July 25th forward will receive a copy direct from our shipping department.

Let us Know what You Think!

We look forward to feedback from our members through the forum on our website, the Online Mining Guide, phone calls, letters and emails, as we know this plays a valuable role in our efforts to make improvements. I hope that you all enjoy the 50th Anniversary Claims Club Membership Mining Guide, and I look forward to working with the membership to continue our efforts to expand benefits and find more gold!



Brandon Johnson

GPAA President


*Not a GPAA Member and want the new 50th Anniversary Mining Guide? Sign up here.

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