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Sale of Gold
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Jerry Johnson

29 Dec 2022 11:15 AM
    I have approx 16 oz of gold fine, flakes small nuggets, pickers and large pieces that were melted. Anyone give me advise where to sell my collection?

    thanks for any response.. Jerry Johnson Have not used this forum for over 3 years. I am lifetime LDMA and GPAA.
    William Hall

    29 Dec 2022 01:59 PM

    Do NOT, I repeat do NOT go to a pawn shop !!! (or you can send it to me LOL)

    Figure out what your values are worth. With that amount, you might reach out to a refiner.
    Nuggets and larger values are worth more than the value of spot price, depending.
    Any gold with quartz still attached has more value.
    Seek out a jewelry shops or gold buyers, visit many, getting ideas of the worth. Some, not all buy raw gold.
    You have to know the value of your values to NOT GET RIPPED OFF, you worked hard to find and obtain.
    Depending on the location of your finds, California is usually around 22% pure gold with other minerals.
    I have seen offers of near gold spot price, price move alot, closer to spot you can get the better for you.
    There are a couple of web sites that sell and buy gold, might check that out to get a better idea of values.

    Good Luck,
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