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South Dakota GPAA Gold Claims
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Bob Larranaga

26 Jun 2022 08:31 AM
    I started panning about a year ago. I live in Minnesota. I joined GPAA so I could be able to pan for gold in Blackhills of South Dakota. The GPAA mining guide 2020 edition listed Eagle Eye #1 as being near Rapid City.

    When I drove to Eagle Eye, the posted signs said that the claim has reverted back to private land use and GPAA members are not allowed.

    I did go to Husker claim near Deadwood but noticed that the site wasn't well marked. I found only one gold claim marker but it was partially destroyed.

    Where to find out latest info? I noticed that Eagle Eye #1 doesn't appear in the Properties section. Are the latest updates on claim status (new or obsolete) posted somewhere?
    William Hall

    26 Jun 2022 03:06 PM
    Welcome Bob,

    Best, sure fire way to find out, call the GPAA office, get the straight info right from the source.
    No guessing 800 551 9707

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