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Last Post 25 Jul 2021 03:48 PM by  Darin DeLude
Gold in Yakima county WA
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Ethan Angel

24 Jul 2021 10:10 PM

    Jul 24th 8 miles SE of Nile valley

    I have found a spot that I think would be the closest gold bearing area near Yakima WA.
    I have herd there is some gold in the Yakima river but I have checked the areas of that river
    around Yakima, and I have yet to find anything.
    The Columbia is simply too far away so that was not an option.
    My only other option was to head NW of Yakima on highway 12 to the Naches river.
    This spot I will give you is perfect if you are heading east or if you are camping.

    600 Old River Rd, Naches, WA 98937, United States <(Copy and paste)
    Gold: 19 pieces total 8 decent flakes I worked And looked around for about 2 hours.
    The gold I found was usually within five feet of the river banks, And I dug about an inch deep.
    Terrain: light terrain, nothing new a few small fallen longs and some small boulders lying around.
    Weather: In the winter its usually at freezing. In the summer months its normally around 100 at noon and 60 degrees at night.
    Tools: Besides your pick and shovel you can use your … Pan, Sluice, or highbanker.
    If you don't like that spot Check down stream or prospect the little Naches creek.
    That area is Said to be your best bet.

    Nearest town: Naches 21 miles away
    Nearest food/bar: gold creek station 3/4 a mile away
    Nearest gas: 10 miles away

    Thank you for reading, If you have any questions ask I will try to answer.

    Darin DeLude

    25 Jul 2021 03:48 PM
    Ethan, nice you have found some, always a reward to the effort.
    Is this a GPAA claim? There are several active claims in that area, be sure to check where you are prospecting before you go.
    If its not a claim, perhaps you have found yours! I hope to get out there soon too, good luck!
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