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Last Post 13 May 2021 03:46 PM by  DON GREENO
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13 May 2021 03:46 PM
    i am confident the HEY BUDEE 10 claim holds some of the chunky gold in Coolgardie.
    i am going to be on that claim with my drywasher and wagon and i will be dry wash sampling this claim to find the gold once and for all. i am committed to putting the time in even if i get skunked a few times. the southern to SE of the claim has some areas of interest that have not been dug.
    i have walked this claim repeatedly and i do not find many digs sites new or old. by the quality of gold i know to be found by others on that claim i am confident i can find it also.

    come join me for a sampling of the HEY BUDEE 10 claim
    the more people that go and dig on that claim the more information we all have collectively to find the yellow stuff.
    sampling is the best method of finding the gold but only 1 guy digging - it takes time to find it- when a lot of guys are digging in different places the gold shows up faster. THEN WE ALL GET IT. MINERS HELPING MINERS.

    i am always willing to share my spots and finds with other members to make us collectively a stronger more informed group of GPAA members.

    join me on Sat 5/15/2021 on the HEY BUDEE 10. find a good spot ( preferably away from the mine shaft area everyone has dug with poor results) and then at some point in the day come on over and share results.
    i drive a gray Chevy Quad Cab Pick up with GPAA bumper sticker on it. my name is Don Greeno i have posted on the property already my past trips results WITH PHOTOS. Each time i am on this claim i see the potential but when Placer Pete claim gives up the gold so easy i have tended to go there most often lately but now i must get boots on the ground back on the other claims and make some progress.

    join me would you?? lets find some gold! this is General Invitation to all members who can make it to learn this claim

    you can find me by my truck by the dust in the air from my drywasher. LETS GO LETS GO LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
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