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Last Post 14 Mar 2021 11:48 AM by  Aaron The Goldman Sanchez
Pump & Battery Recommendation for Raptor Flare 2.0 Highbanker
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07 Mar 2021 09:57 PM
    I have never used a sluice before, but after I found out I don't have to classify and I could just shovel and pour; I was very interested in that time saving gold hogging concept! I have NO idea what pump to buy and what battery to power it. I was hoping y'all could give me a hand with advice!

    The sluice is the Raptor Flare 2.0 Highbanker any help will be MUCH appreciated!! The website says "Runs on a cheap 2″ semi-trash pump (reduced down to 1.5)″

    To my understanding; the more amps per hour means I can run it longer however the downside to it is the weight. I'm an active man, so I wouldn't mind carrying the weight; as I would also have multiple friends assisting to make the full use of this sluice anyway.

    Thank you all in advanced!


    09 Mar 2021 08:40 AM
    I'd call or email Doc. His equipment likes a lot of water flow. He can recommend an electric pump or pumps.

    If he says you can get away with an 1 1/2" pump at around 70 GPM, and your not welded to battery power, I'd get a Honda WX15. 20 lbs. Can be found for around $500, and hoses will run $100 or less depending on how much you need.
    09 Mar 2021 10:03 AM
    I appreciate your reply! After I finished posting; it stated I am no longer authorized to make a post so I was stuck until you replied! (Very new to forums in general)

    I actually did email them. I asked for a pump and battery recommendation and the only relevant reply I received was "Any deep cycle 12 volt will work.
    You just have to make your decision on the SIZE of the battery and understand AMP HOURS.
    The more you run, time, the more AMP HOURS you need."

    I looked up the 2" semi trash pump but it operated on gas. Which I didn't like because I work around contractors that use them and the exhaust is very disturbing. My intention is to use this on outings with my affiliated chapter, so it's very important that I find an electric alternative. I just don't want people breathing in nasty fumes is all and if I can deter that, regardless of the price, so be it.

    The flow into the unit from docs video looks so great...doc said on a video the unit runs great with a 5000gph flow... My 2005 Dodge Dakota is in need of some hefty repairs; I purchased a new battery for around 300$ never used it.. would that be okay to use?

    Also with these pumps I can't find a video of how it is wired. Just hot wire (red) on the positive terminal and common wire (white) on the negative terminal twisted around the terminals?

    09 Mar 2021 10:14 AM
    You should be okay with that battery, if just might not power a pump for as long as a deep cycle marine/rv one.

    Sounds like they recommend something in the 5000 gph range. That's around 83 GPM. I'm not familiar with the electric end of prospecting/mining gear, but you might have to run two smaller pumps to get that kind of flow. If so, I'd hook one up to each spray bar.

    As to wiring, yeah, one positive and one negative. Most everyone will put alligator clips on them to hook onto the battery posts, just like the ends on a set of jumper cables for your car.

    If you do have to go gas, the Honda's are fairly quiet, and you can set it up away from the unit so people working on it can stay in fresher air.

    Hope that helps.
    09 Mar 2021 02:38 PM
    Yes your assistance answered all of my questions! Thank you very much!

    11 Mar 2021 05:55 PM
    Hey Friend, I have a lot of experience with Gold Hogs, and the Raptor Flare is a GREAT piece of equipment!!!...but you will not get enough water flow from any electric setup. Go ahead and make the smart investment and get a HIGH PRESSURE Honda pump to run the Raptor, you won’t regret it and you can even convert it into a 2 1/2” dredge later on and really kick butt! LOL, I even ran a 3” dredge nozzle with it 😁, but recommend no larger than 2 1/2”. You will not need to pre-classify with this set up.

    I have had effective success running electric with the Gold Hog stream sluice and power pig head attachment, but you MUST 1/2” pre-classify your material to avoid gold loss/mat clogging. ALSO...(even though I have no experience with the item)...the Keene Mini Max sluice looks awesome as well. Get a Johnson 2200 gph electric bilge pump from Amazon ($97), deep cycle marine battery from Walmart or Sam’s Club, and a foldout briefcase solar panel at Harbor Freight ($75) and you are in business!, and I might add...silent and deadly!! Gold Hog matting gets ALL the gold with this set up. A regular auto battery will not hold up like the deep cycle will... the heavier the better. Also, your hose from your pump to the power head can’t be any longer than 8 ft.!’s a great pump but is not high pressure, eight feet is the maximum length. Good luck 🤝.

    Brian Williams... I am giving you some hard lessons I’ve learned with Gold Hog equipment.
    14 Mar 2021 11:48 AM
    Much appreciated! Wish the forums had more people like you!
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