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San Gabriel River
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Michael Ivory

13 Jan 2021 05:02 PM
    Has anyone gone and prospected in the San Gabriel River? I was thinking about heading up that way this weekend and was curious about the area.
    Robert Fisher

    18 Jan 2021 12:30 PM
    I've been going there for years, never been skunked yet. Drive to the last parking area. Hike in to Easton Flats. Fine gold and some pickers. Lots of videos on youtube
    Christopher Satkowski

    21 Jan 2021 12:56 PM
    I heard a rumor that it is a national monument and prospecting was not allowed. I hear its not enforced. If this is true, I have some good memories of the two times I went out there.
    Garrick Sillers

    27 Jan 2021 10:54 PM
    It is indeed a National monument and because of that I've kept it low key the last few years - hands and pans more or less.
    I have my little 24" BGT in my backpack if I find a rich spot. But I like to keep it a light load overall.
    I'll try and usually get up in around swan rock area or higher.
    Also when days are longer, a trek up past the "bridge to no where" and up into the narrows and beyond is worth it.
    Just amazing back there! But it's a trek.

    last time I went up (last nov.) it really was beat up the first few miles in.
    People can do amazing damage with trash and destroying the surrounding areas. Sad.

    I need to get up there again soon.
    Maybe this winter, some good storms will stir up the pot a bit.

    I would love to pack in for an over-nighter one time too.
    Or make a trek from Vincent gap down to the head of the EFSGR.
    I'm sure there's some good pickings up there.

    Be safe if you go.
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