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Last Post 09 Oct 2020 12:16 PM by  KEVIN HOAGLAND
Permit guidelines / generally acceptable practices
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Brian Costa

03 Sep 2020 11:22 PM
    I am very familiar with the rules and regulations of fishing fresh and saltwater so i will try to draw a parallel with those regulations. When i was first getting into fishing i quickly learned that there is a lot to learn from both the regulation guidelines and from other fishermen/women.

    Wondering if there is similar guidance that can be advised here on the following:

    -If i have a GPAA mining claim card/permit and am going on a claim to prospect....I know i need my card and mining guide on me...but can my kids and wife (or fellow curiously green friend or two) come and participate as well?

    -Do they each need their own card?

    -Is it at all like fishing where kids under a certain age, or those who are or are not actively panning (for instance) do not require same card? (If i go fishing and hand my pole to my wife who doesn't have a license its a big no no...but if i hand it to my kids its OK b/c they are young enough not to require a fishing license).

    -Can everyone play in the dirt but maybe only the claim card holder (me in this instance) is allowed to "harvest" or have gold in a vial ?

    -As an avid fisherman i am struggling trying to educate myself on overlapping rules for water rights and disturbed there concern, loop holes or general guidelines around panning or sluicing in waterways / running water on claims?

    - Is there a limit of material (classified or unclassified) that can be taken back to camp (if outside of claim) or home for processing in a more controlled environment?
    Steven Quillen

    04 Sep 2020 03:01 PM
    I would also like to know this. Can a Family member come with me to a site and help me dig? I am getting old and would like to know if I can have the help with me.
    William Hall

    04 Sep 2020 06:36 PM
    Welcome Brian and Steven,

    Question 1

    Your family, friends, curious friends can all participate under your card.
    Friends I believe are limited to panning only if I remember correctly

    Question 2

    Hopfully you all leave with some color and want to go back and do it again

    Question 3

    Depending on the area of your activities, there can be different rules of the land
    You dont say where your located, general idea would help with info
    in California, we can no longer dredge "legally", or use motorized equipments in water ways
    Some areas, you arent allowed to introduce dry material to a stream or river
    Fill in your holes within reason

    Question 4

    Short of a ten wheeler dump truck, take what you can carry
    You will find over time and experience to classify your cons to take home, unless your into carrying heavy buckets to the truck
    Again, all areas have their rules, just like fishing, you learn the rules, in mining they can be kinda loose within reason
    Lots to learn, dont worry you will over time
    In stream activities include slicing, panning, digging, swimming, splashing you get the idea

    Get out there and do it, it's "fun" when your back hurts

    So Much River So Little Time...Get Out There

    08 Sep 2020 03:21 AM
    I'll amplify Bill's reply a little. You can have up to 4 "guests" with you on a claim. They are limited to pans only, while as a member you can use any legal equipment allowed by local regs. Spouse and kids are covered under your it's a family membership.

    In some areas you are limited to the amount of material you can take off-site. Oregon for instance, you can take one 5 gal bucket of black sand a day from the beach. Your choice of either just dug or you can process down to cons. Note: don't try carrying a 5 gal. bucket of black sand unless you're an Olympic weight lifter. I managed to get one into the front floor of my Cherokee, and the voice is still half an octave high.

    GPAA claims are "casual use" meaning hand tools only for digging material, subject to regs. Some areas and forests back east won't allow a shovel, only a trowel. You can't come in with a tractor with bucket and backhoe. Generally, don't disturb bank side vegetation, try to keep sediment to a minimum and you won't get much static.

    Some states have"in water" work times and equipment limits of what can be used where and when, i.e., you can use pans and sluice all year, but can only use a suction dredge during certain months or not at all to protect fish and spawning areas. (This is for Oregon, your mileage may vary.)

    Hope this helps some. Check with the BLM and USFS where you want to go, along with the state water, mineral, and environmental quality offices. Some states like Washington you also have to carry their"gold and fish" book. That one tells you when and where you can and can't prospect, and they don't have a sense of humor with you if not following to the letter.

    More info of where you are going to be general terms, would be helpful. Members in that area can guide you in the right direction and keep you from stumbling.

    I'll also recommend joining a local chapter if you haven't. Lot of knowledge in them, as well as having others to get out and find some of the elusive stuff.
    Good luck

    Nugget Shooter
    Nugget Shooter

    09 Oct 2020 12:16 PM
    With Art and Bill grabbing these questions like this and giving SPOT ON info, there is nothing that I can or would add to this thread.
    In the Nov Dec GPAA Magazine I have slipped in a piece about GPAA Member Rights on a claim. In this new norm and record gold prices there's been a few issues and I want the members to know and have access to thier member benefits and rights as a member. There is also a section on what is not allowed by law under CFR 43 & 36.
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