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Gallows Harbor $1M+ cache
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01 Aug 2020 12:26 PM
    Famed Treasure Hunter Hides Multi-Million Dollar Treasure
    Treasure Hidden in the Appalachian Mountains , along the west branch of the Susquhana River.
    DuBois, Pa. 31 July 2020

    H.Charles Beil has hidden a multi-million dollar treasure weighing nearly a half ton in the Appalachian Mountains.
    The treasure consists of six large brass chests, crystal skull signed by actor Dan Akroyd and six smaller chests filled with gold, silver, precious gems, coins, pewter, jewelry, historical items and custom art objects.
    H.Charles Beil has also hidden at least fifteen other treasures across America of which five have been found.
    The clues are in a book, Gallows Harbor, Blood Fude. You can get the book at Treasureman Site on Facebook.
    I have personally tracked it down to the app. area and am waiting for the book to be released. The clues in the book should home in on the locations.
    The only 'problem' is each chest weighs app. 120#. That comes to an app. value of over $125K per chest for the 6 lare chests and there are some smaller chests. Be careful, the place is loaded with rattle snakes. Good luck. Frank
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