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Last Post 29 Aug 2014 05:00 PM by  KEVIN HOAGLAND
Scott River Outing Fire Updates
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Silver Miner

29 Aug 2014 05:00 PM

    Dear LDMA – GPAA Member,

    As you may be aware, the area surrounding the upcoming GPAA-LDMA Scott Bar outing is experiencing a significant lighting created fire.


    At this time we are monitoring the fire on a constant basis and will be keeping the members informed through our website (on this forum page) and by email when possible.


    We are currently moving forward with the outing based on information provided to us by the fire services that are on the ground fighting these fires. They have an expected containment date of 9/8/2014. If this changes we will again inform members through this page of the GPAA website.   


    Fire Command has requested that we contact their offices to receive a more concise assessment of the situation on 9/3/14. After discussing fully the current status with them we will be posting any restrictions for travel, air quality and closures for the membership to view. 


    At that time we will make a final decision concerning if we can continue with the outing as planned or if we will reschedule and move all current attendees to the new outing date.

    Of course there is the option that, if necessary, members that are currently registered for the Scott Bar outing can easily move their reservations to any upcoming outing. The closest outing to this date and area will be the Italian Bar outing in October 8th through the 12th. This Outing is filling to maximum participants quickly. If you are considering this outing or need more information, please contact the Temecula office to make arrangements. Please follow this link  for all upcoming 2014 fall outings.


    Best regards,

    Kevin Hoagland
    Executive Director of Development

    Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association
    Gold Prospectors Association of America 

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