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Last Post 18 Apr 2020 06:26 AM by  STANLEY SHIELDS
Tucson AZ Claims
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Thomas Piccolo

17 Apr 2020 11:12 AM
    I’m new to this, my question is can I just drive out to a claim, park, hike in and start metal detecting? Can I camp on a claim or nearby? Do I need to give any sort of notice? What if others are already on a claim when I get to it?
    Thanks for any help- I’m sure this info is listed someplace I just haven’t found it yet...
    18 Apr 2020 06:24 AM
    Go to the top of the page here, click properties. Find the claim you are interested in and click on the different tabs to learn about the property. And yes, you have access to the claim by having your membership card, claim card and the Mining guide with you.
    18 Apr 2020 06:26 AM
    Oh , and camping most times is allowed. If others are there just respect their space and you will be fine. Most others will also be friendly and helpful.
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