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Last Post 29 Jun 2019 06:04 PM by  Benjamin Crain
New Report from Colorado
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Benjamin Crain
Lost Dutchman
Lost Dutchman

29 Jun 2019 06:04 PM
    I went down with the BLM to our claim,"I call the walk into hell is easy, it's much harder to find your way out." But if you want to find the good gold then you travel where most won't. Once you get there you realize it is paradise.

    River conditions were awful, feet higher then just a few week ago and the head of the river and snow are forming a glacier that is going to break loose at some point this summer, the main melt has not even started as of yet.

    I am going to give a serious complement to the members of the BLM office in Montrose that joined us to the claim so we could work out some boundary issues. Amy, Barney, and Julie, thank you for your time and I greatly appreciate you joining us, it is because of you I know these matters can be settled and it was a pleasure hiking through hell to paradise and then back out again.

    There were three Islands in a bend on the FLW claim that I wanted to work, I seriously doubt they will still be there when the river stops it's flow this year.


    Benjamin Lee Crain
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