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Last Post 20 Jun 2019 02:31 AM by  Jim Hobbs
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Chris Johansen

12 Jun 2019 03:08 AM
    Which would be the better drywasher purchase, Keene or Royal? And why?
    Jim Hobbs

    20 Jun 2019 02:31 AM
    Hey Mr. Chris Johansen:
    Good Q. Not saying I'm any expert, yet I believe there are questions needed to be answered by yourself concerning "why" you're wanting the drywasher.
    You going to be packing all your equipment in? Truck or ATV? Horseback? A full day of fuel + your drinking water + . . . Or will your set-up & be static with a crew of several & not just yourself? Then are you going to be using said equipment a good number of times this year or maybe once or twice every other year?
    Outside of going stealth & staying manual, you gonna use a weed blower or some other type of blower or are you going with the vacuum-blower combo (vac-pac)? Want the hot air so to help remove dampness / dirt clumping? Outside of catching the gold, this IS a big part of the equipment.
    Then you've the gold catching equipment (in addition to the vacuum - blower, if you choose to get / use). Static or packing? Amount of dirt processed per hour? Length / size of the reverse sluice? Electrostatic? Longevity / durability / stability?
    And then you've the costs. Such equipment costs add up fast. So what is the budget just for a complete / in-total working machine?
    Personally, I'd learn exactly how a drywasher operates. Then on paper, I'd build my own / draw it out. Why am I using a drywasher & how small in mesh gold am I wanting to capture? And allow to blow by? Doing such should answer a LOT of questions.
    Personally, I'd go with the Keene 140s + weed-blower + gallon of fuel + 6' to 8' of air hose + a small collection of quality breathing masks + ear protection. Even eye protection, bandanna & wide-brim hat. This would be my minimum & a good start, I believe. Why? Because it'd be some first times for me & I'd work it alone. And the 140s does catch the gold very well when used properly. And isn't that the point with all the research & costs & effort -to get the gold?
    Do I have such a set-up? Nope. Haven't needed it yet. I've researched the equipment & for me myself & I, this makes sense. One day very soon I'll venture out into this desert arena. Of course I'd also pack my Gold Bug II with it all. For now, I'm Hog pan'n the rivers.
    Best hunt'n & fin(d)es!
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